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Free Printable Paper Doll Cutout Templates for Kids and Adults

Paper dolls are toys that have been very much cherished centuries ago and they are popular even today.

Paper dolls existed in many cultures, and they have been present starting from the time of the invention of paper.

These dolls have been widely used already two hundred years ago, and then, just like now, they were some of the cheapest and most fun toys for girls and boys as well.

They are dolls printed or drawn on cardboard or paper, or a thin card. They have separate clothes that can be attached to them with folding tabs. They can have various sizes from tiny ones to life-size ones.

While most paper dolls are used as toys for children to play with, some of them have been used for other purposes such as commercial ones. Nowadays a lot of people also collect the old ones, and often some of them are considered works of art.

While today there are less children playing with such paper dolls that you can dress, they appear often as depicting celebrities, life-size cutouts of stars, and in the virtual form. However, some people still enjoy the charms of the original paper dolls that come with accessories and dresses made of paper. A paper doll can be vintage or modern, a boy or a girl, and it can be a historical figure, especially the vintage ones. Often these dolls come in pairs, or even in a family, where there is a mother, a father, and children as well.

They also come with a wardrobe according to a certain age, so there are paper dolls from the Edwardian times, the Victorian era, and other vintage decades with clothes suitable for the fashion of the times. Besides clothes they also have accessories that can be folded in their hands. There is a variety of modern paper dolls as well.

  Coloring Paper Dolls

Bpy and Girl family paper doll  coloring page

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Coloring paper dolls are great as gifts or just a small surprise for your kid. They can be also great favors for birthday parties for example. Coloring paper dolls can be printed out on your own computer at home and then colored with colored pencils. They come with fitting clothes that can also be colored and then folded on the dolls. Most paper dolls that you can color and print come with many outfits. Here you can find paper doll sheets to color, that you can later print and cut out to use as toys.

 Boy and Girls Paper Dolls

Boy and Girl paper doll cutouts

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Paper dolls can be both girls and boys, therefore whether you have a son or a daughter, they will have fun with these toys. The loveliest girl paper dolls are the vintage ones, that feature adorable little girls with even more adorable vintage dresses. These paper dolls come with stylish hats, watering cans, flowers and some other accessories as well.

Boy paper dolls include little boys, but also some action figures or superheroes. Depending on the age of the child you have many options.
Vintage boy paper dolls are some of the nicest ones out there, and many collectors are looking for these. Similarly to vintage girl paper dolls, these are very cute and come with many outfits.

 Man and Woman Paper Dolls

Man and Woman family paper doll   coloring page

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man and Woman family paper doll  cutouts

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Man and Woman paper dolls can be modern or vintage. The vintage one feature stylish women with various hats, long dresses and coats, umbrellas and beautiful outfits. The style of these outfits can be from various vintage eras, from the Edwardian era to the 80s. Vintage man paper dolls are similarly stylish and come with suits in various colors. These paper dolls tend to be elegant. The original vintage ones are quite rare, therefore very sought for by collectors.
Modern man and woman paper dolls can feature celebrities, historical figures, Barbie, action figures and more.

Family Paper Dolls

Man and Woman family paper doll   coloring page

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family paper doll  cutouts

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Family paper dolls are the favorite of many kids. They include the mother, the father and at least two kids, a girl and a boy. The nicest ones also usually come with a pet, a cat or a dog. Just like all paper dolls, they come with several outfits. Beach family paper dolls are some of the nicest vintage ones you can find.

How to Make Paper Dolls

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