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Business Downloadable Templates, Letters, Cards ...

It happened to you that you had to write a letter or an email but had no idea how to even begin, or you needed a template for your website?

Whether you have a business and you are looking for more clients or you saw your dream job and you want to write a cover letter, such emails can often make a huge difference in your career.

Certain emails or letters come with specific rules that need to be respected. If you are looking at the monitor helplessly and without a clue on how to write a specific email, you need a template that will guide you and help you write one that won't be simply deleted, but read and taken into account.

Here at you can find and download templates for email marketing, sample letters and emails, business cards, business plans, resumes, various programs, greeting cards and more. You can find everything you need here for business, jobs or more personal aims.

A. Email Marketing Templates

Reasons to use email marketing and email marketing templates:

1.    Using templates is the most time saving technique of email marketing. Once you have a template, you can simply edit it, personalize it and send it. This requires only a few minutes. If you have a template, you can also refrain from writing the same thing over and over again.

2.    Using email marketing templates is affordable. They are often free, and even if they cost money, they are cheap.

3.    Email templates are easy to personalize. With just a few clicks you can have personalized emails, that makes the customers happy.

4.    It is a great way to keep in touch with the customer by sending email templates with a great design that won't end up in the spam folder.

5.    Email marketing templates call to action: you can always add links to your website, to a subscription page or directly to the page where you are selling a product.

6.    The best email marketing templates have been created so that they are also viewable on mobile phones. This way customers can read them no matter where they are without any trouble.

B. Sample Letters (both email and printed) and their importance

1.    Using a sample letter as a help for writing emails or letters assures that you won't omit any relevant information from the letter that should be there.

2.    Sample letters contain guidelines of the correct formatting.

3.    If you use a sample letter, you will be able to write a letter like a pro.

4.    They save you time and effort: you can simply use the letter as a pattern for your own.

C.    Business Card Designs and their importance

1.    A one of a kind and well designed business card will stand out among other business cards.

2.    If the design of a business card is not so good, the information will be more difficult to see at first sight, therefore the purpose of the card is lost.

3.    A visually appealing business card has more chances to be noticed.

4.    A good quality business card design shows professionalism.

5.    A creative business card design makes a good impression on the prospective customer or employer. 

Besides focusing on professional tips and guidelines, this website also pays a close attention to beauty. This is why you can download beautifully designed business cards from this page, greeting cards for various occasions, and email templates that you can surprise your friends and family with. Combine business with pleasure, and find it all in one place at

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