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Download Free Printable Business & Party Templates

This website has been created to help people who are looking for creative, artistic and useful downloads for various purposes.

Not only that you will be able to find here some of the nicest and most relevant template designs, but many of them are also for free.

You can find everything here in one place from unique business card templates to various email letter templates, so take advantage of this opportunity to save money and time, and browse among the printable templates that this site has to offer.

1. Printable  Invitation & Decoration Templates

You surely are tired of going from store to store looking for invitations for various parties. Not only that it takes lots of energy and time to do this, but it is also quite expensive. If you have lots of parties, such as birthday parties for your kids, anniversaries, Christmas parties and so on, you will find this site very useful.

If you think only about a child’s birthday party, the cost of invitations alone can go quite high especially when it comes to certain theme parties. Here you will find printable invitation templates for all kinds of events that you can simply download and print at home, eliminating all the hours you have to spend looking for the right invitation. There are many types of invitations here that you can choose from, even some for rarer theme parties. Many of these invitations are also free, so this way you can save lots of money which you can use for something else during the party, and still have great invitations.

2. Printable Greeting Card Templates

Here you can find printable greetings card templates for all occasions. Whether you want to send out some holiday cards or a happy birthday card to your best friend, you can find them here.
The best and nicest greeting cards that you can make using these templates are family picture cards. You can simply add you Christmas family photo, your Easter family photo or any other seasonal photography, and then using the template you can create a greeting card in just a few minutes that is ready to be printed out and sent. If you prefer not to use a photo, you can choose from the images that this website has to offer. You can be sure that you will find a suitable design for any occasion.

The templates for creating greeting cards can be used by anyone, and you don’t need special computer skills for them. They have been created to make things easier for you, so forget about Photoshop or PDF: just download these cards and print them, and surprise your friends with one of a kind, fun cards.

3. Business Card Templates and Designs

Whether you want to advertise yourself or your company or simply have a business card that you give to new people that you meet, having such a card is definitely a good idea. These downloadable templates can be edited with Microsoft Word, PSD or Illustrator, but you don’t necessarily need any of these programs if you just go ahead and order some beautiful designs from our recommended resources!

4. Email Business Letter Templates

Email Letter templates are indispensable when it comes to looking for a new job, but if you have started a new business, they will also help you out a great deal. Such templates are basically letters that show you the outline of a Cover letter Template for Job Application for instance, for Job Interview Template or Professional Email Letter Template for Business. Such templates give you the information that must be in the letter, helping you not to omit anything important that later can have an effect on your chances to get a new job or a client. They show you what should be in the subject line, the salutation, the body of the email, signature and so on.

 Other commonly used templates are Sales Letter, Downloadable Email Newsletter Templates and templates for Email Marketing. These you can use if you have a business and you want to make writing emails much easier. Sounding professional is relevant when you are trying to get new clients, and these templates will make sure that your email will be just as a business email should be.

Other templates that are very useful and that people often have trouble with when they have to be written are Letter of Resignation templates, Thank you Email Letters, Free HTML Email Templates and Confirmation Email Templates. These can be used on various occasions, and they are more than just writing tips. Here you can find several Email Template Layout Samples and templates that can make a big difference in your job application or business appearance.